Premortal Breath (Mannheim)

In 2010 Tommy (vocals) and Potti (drums) decided to grab the bull by the horns. They wanted to start a fresh-sounding, heavy, yet melodic metal band – the idea of Premortal Breath was born.
Still missing guitarists and a bassist, the two started their quest for fellow musicians. A first line-up was complemented by Armin (guitar) and Tobias (bass) and started working on new songs right away. In October 2010 the bunch entered the Beat-House Studio in Rauenberg/Germany where they recorded two of their songs (Mind over matter/Your ruin).
Still lacking a second guitarist Tobias switched from bass to guitar, a wise decision, as shortly after guitarist Armin left the band due to personal issues. Luckily a new bassist was found quite easily in Sebastian. Without intermission they continued to rehearse and push their songwriting, while looking for a second guitarist. Innumerable, fruitless auditions later guitarist David joined the band, being the missing piece. But shortly after the bands line-up changed once again - David left the band to pursue his own musical ideas. The band being fed up with auditions Sebastian stepped up to the challenge and filled in as second guitarist. Recruiting a bassist was kind of a no-brainer, as first applicant Dominik convinced on all levels. So that's it in a nutshell.
We love to share our music, so catch us on one of our gigs and spread the word!

We had the honor to share the stage with: Bastard Nation, Battlemage, Beneath The Grey, Emerald, Hatchery, Irony, Ivory Night, Messenger, Scathing Irony, Sceptor, Vanderbuyst, Hand of fate, Out of damage, Awaiting dawn and Alienshake

So long...

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